Before you write one word of a sales page, do this first…

And a failure to do it can be the difference between:


I know.


Put down the pitchfork a sec, and let me explain.

When I sell something, I often use the generic “Introducing Product Name,” as the headline on my sales page.

And if you’re the type of person who reads and analyzes what other people do, you might come to the conclusion: “Oh! Derek writes good sales pages. He’s using Introducing Product Name. I SHOULD DO THAT TOO!”

…but would that be a good idea?

Well, that depends, right?


But do you know what it depends on?

Maybe you can come up with the reason why pretty quickly. Or maybe you’re struggling. But eventually, I’m sure you’ll think something like…

“It depends on whether people are excited to hear about your product or not. RIGHT?”

And, yea. You’re right.

But let me ask you a much harder question…

Let’s say you’re a Yoga Instructor. And you’re selling a course where you show people how to do Yoga through video instruction.

Now it’s time to create your sales page. Should you use the word “Yoga” in your headline? Or should you avoid that word like the plague?

This is a much harder question to answer, but believe it or not, there is a clear-cut, right, answer to this question. It’s not opinion based. There’s a right and wrong answer.

And it has to do with more than just headlines. It has to do with how you create your sales page… from start to finish… and getting it right could be the difference between $0 and $9342.

Or in other words.

Making sales. And not making sales.

And that’s why I always say that there’s only one thing you MUST do before you write one word of your sales page.

What is it?


You MUST answer the question: “who will be reading this sales page?”

And more specifically… what do they already know about you (as a yoga instructor)… what they already know (or don’t know) about Yoga… and what they already know about your course about Yoga.

Now I know this is a lot. And it may make you feel overwhelmed just thinking about it.


What if I said I could provide you with a simple framework that can help you figure out what to say and how to say it… without spending one second stressing about it?

What if I said that this same framework will ALSO help you figure out what you should highlight about your product or service on your sales page… and what you should ignore?

“How convenient! I got a bridge in London to sell you!”

No, but really…

So, here’s what I’m gonna do:

I put together a LIVE training that I’m hosting on December 5th. There are two convenient times. One at 12:00PM Eastern. One at 8:00PM Eastern.

Reserve Your Spot for the 12PM Eastern Training.

Reserve Your Spot for the 8PM Eastern Training.

And on this call, I’ll walk you through all the nitty gritty details that go into creating a Sales Page that Converts.

I will focus specifically on these thorny little issues like the one I just shared with you, but I’ll also share:

* The exact structure your sales page should follow (and WHY you should follow it).

* How you can create a sales page in hours (instead of weeks or months).

* Why “knowing how to write” is the last thing you should worry about when you create a sales page

And more.

Reserve Your Spot for the 12PM Eastern Training.

Reserve Your Spot for the 8PM Eastern Training.

These are the only two times available at this time, and there won’t be a recorded replay. I know you know you need a sales page. Now’s the time to make the time to learn how to create a Sales Page that Converts.

Talk soon,
Derek Halpern



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