They Moved 1500 Miles from Home, Lost Multiple Revenue Streams, and Still Grew Their Business by 32% – Here’s How

Meet Adam and Livia. They made $12,000 with their first Yes Engines launch, while living in Hungary where the average monthly salary – YES MONTHLY – is a mere $500. But they’ve come even further than that: Today they live in the UK and run a self-sufficient business built on the Yes Engines sales system.

“We did it. We’re self-sufficient, we live and work on our own terms, and we know how to grow further.”

So how did they do it?

Are You In Control? Or Is Your Business
at the Whim of Other People?

Let’s start at the beginning:

Adam and Livia were running a small blog in Hungary. And they tried almost EVERYTHING under the sun to make money from it:

“[Before Yes Engines] we had 12 different revenue streams. Banner ads, giveaways, offline talks, writing print articles, offline trainings, print book revenue, the rare sponsorship deal, B2B coaching – and that was just for the blog. On the side I also took writing and editing jobs, because I still lived by the freelancer mindset – say yes to everything that comes along, because who knows when the next job will come? Who knows when the money runs out?”

Now don’t get me wrong, having multiple revenue streams is a good thing…

…but grasping at straws is NOT a smart strategy. And it sure sounds like Adam and Livia were spreading themselves way too thin.

Look, if you want to make money online, it’s very simple:

You build an audience, and you sell them stuff.

Now, the problem for Adam and Livia was they had no clue HOW to sell…

And the first mistake they made is a very common one. Especially when you’re new to selling. But even experienced people do it:

They made excuses for WHY they’re selling.

As if you had to apologize for making a living! Or as Livia put it after she realized how silly this is:

“If I’m dying from hunger, I can’t help anyone.”

And she’s right.

So if you’re doing this, please stop! You’re running a business… not a charity. If you want to grow that business you need to make sales and you need to stop apologizing for it.

Now, back to the story…

So what happened when Adam and Livia joined Yes Engines?

They created 3 – STRATEGIC – blog posts (more on that in a second…) and sent them to their audience over the course of about 2 months. Then, they sent out a link to a sales page…

…and made 252 sales in 4 days, earning about $12,000 in revenue – or about double the average yearly salary in Hungary.

(And yes, they did it all in Hungarian. Of course, the Yes Engines system works in any language 😉

But it didn’t stop there…

Within a year, they almost doubled their entire business.

“Just the one online course we developed following Yes Engines to the dot gave us 40% of our 2015 revenue, [depending on the exchange rate] it was around $33K.”

So, multiple revenue streams is nice and all… But when each one is just a tiny trickle it still doesn’t add up to much. By using what they learned in Yes Engines, Adam and Livia were able to almost DOUBLE their entire business with only one product!

Now guess what happened…

In 2016, all of those old “trickles” of revenue that used to be Adam and Livia’s entire business DISAPPEARED:

“In 2016, 10 of our 12 old revenue streams just stopped coming in. Clients – down 83 percent from last year. Sponsorships – gone. Book revenue – gone. Offline talks – gone. Invites to talk for free – lots. Paid – none.”

Uh-oh. So what did they do?

You’d think that with losing around 40% of their revenue, it would be a bad year, right?


They DOUBLED DOWN on everything they learned in Yes Engines. And made more than they ever did before…

“Everything Clicked Into Place”

Before I share their results, let’s talk about how Yes Engines helped Adam and Livia make 2016 their most successful year yet…

And it has to do with the STRATEGIC content you give away before you sell anything online.

Look, it’s no secret:

When you want to create – and sell – something online, the process is simple: you give away some content, and then you sell something.

You see everyone do it. Sometimes they do it in the form of an email series, other times a webinar. And you see me do it too. Heck, maybe you’ve even tried to do it yourself.

But how do you know how much to give away? And how do you create content that both delivers value and makes people want what you’re selling?

That’s where the Yes Engines Sales System comes into play.

Yes, the process is still the same – the content we give away is called the Preview and the sales pitch is called The Offer – but how we created the content is much different.

You see, there’s a proven step-by-step system for creating this content. And there’s a “plug and play” sales pitch template that you can follow as well…

…and believe it or not, this can help you create a Yes Engines Email Sales System, a Yes Engines Webinar Sales System, a Yes Engines Video Launch Sales System, and a Yes Engines One-On-One Sales System.

In Adam and Livia’s case, they created an Email Series and it worked like magic.

“After I watched Module 3, I got multiple A-ha! moments at once about how it all fits together. How the interviews inform the preview content, which set up the sales page content. Then I finally saw it as a system, everything clicked into place. That’s when I could first write preview content that made sense – I knew where it was leading, I knew where its place was in the system.”

And because they understood the system, they could do it again, and again, and again, to make 2016 their most successful year yet.

Here are their results:

2 Courses, 5 Launches, and
$60,000 in Revenue

Because they had built their business on the Yes Engines system, overall they still made 32% more than in the previous year.


They created two more products… And did a total of 5 launches following the Yes Engines blueprint:

“And that’s because during the time we did work, we created two new Yes Engines-based courses, had a total of five launches, and they brought in close to $60,000.”

That’s impressive enough. But there’s one thing I still haven’t told you about Adam & Livia’s story…

2016 was an intense year for them, in a pleasant but also in challenging way:

They moved 1,500 miles from Hungary to the UK!

I imagine they could have never done it, if they were still living on the average Hungarian salary of $500/month…

(The most impressive fact to me: Because of the move, they didn’t have a fast internet connection for 3 months. I have no idea how they survived 😉

And yet:

“The bottom line is Yes Engines revenue grew 150% in 2016, making our Yes Engines products account for 80% of our total company revenue.”

For Adam & Livia this was a huge milestone. They finally achieved what they’d always worked for:

To live and work on their own terms.

“The Best Investment
We’ve Ever Made as a Business”

What a story!

It shows you what’s possible when you invest in a proven system, trust that it will work, and simply follow each step.

That’s what Adam and Livia did. And that’s why they say Yes Engines was the best investment they’ve ever made in their business:

“It’s the best investment we ever made as a business. It was also the most intense and most complex training that I had ever done. But it was all worth it.”

Now, as I mentioned, Yes Engines enrollment is closed, but it opens on Monday.



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