How Lisa Wrote A Sales Page that Earned $21,861 In 4 Months (The best part? She did it while she was 9 months pregnant)

Her time was running out FAST. At 9 months pregnant, Lisa Phillips knew her baby was on the way, and she needed to start making more sales.

The problem? Lisa is a real estate investing coach who teaches people how to invest in rental properties, but virtually no one was buying her online course. She explained…

“Everything else was in place. I had a good traffic source. I had people who liked and trusted me. I received feedback that [my course] is what they needed. But then, no one would purchase it!”

She was baffled. She had traffic. She had trust. She had a product. But her sales page just wasn’t converting people like she thought it should…

…And that’s when she enrolled in my online course, Sales Page that Converts.

She only had a few weeks before the baby was due, but she went through the course, revamped her sales page, and here’s what happened:

  • In 4 months from joining the Sales Page that Converts, she made $21,861 in invoiced revenue from a small email list. (She only had 1,500 subscribers when she joined).
  • Lisa increased the price of her course from $297 to $497 – a 67% increase. And even though she struggled to sell her course at a cheaper price, she was successfully selling her course for more money… with less headaches.
  • Plus, Lisa launched a “high-end” version of her course that she offered for a one-time payment of $997 – more than 300% higher than her original course. And it sold well.

So, what exactly did she do?

Here are the full details…

Before She Wrote One Word Of Her New Sales Page,
I Showed Her The Most Important Thing She Needed To Do…

When Lisa created and launched her first sales page, she had a sad, heartbreaking realization… nobody bought anything. So, she KNEW something had to be wrong…

…But what was it? And how could she fix it?

When most people think about improving their sales page, they often do tedious little things like changing button colors, tweaking headlines, and doing all sorts of “micro-changes” with hopes of finding the one thing that will magically increase conversion rates.

Newsflash: this never works.

Luckily, Lisa joined Sales Page that Converts. So, she didn’t waste much time pursuing this fool’s errand.

So what did she do?

I always tell people, before you write one word of your sales page, you must answer the question: “Who will be reading that sales page?”

And that’s when Lisa discovered her first mistake.

When she wrote her sales page, she assumed she knew what her customers wanted. But when she used the research techniques I share inside Sales Page that Converts, she discovered almost all of her customers wanted one thing…

…and she never mentioned that thing on her sales page.


She even admitted, “I enjoy [that one thing] as well. I just personally would not have [said it on my sales page].”

Now, you might be wondering what that thing is, but it’s largely irrelevant to you. The one thing that her people want may not be the one thing that your people want.

So, the lesson is this: it’s okay to make assumptions about your customers, but you should always validate those assumptions with the right research techniques. If you don’t, you run the risk of leaving out something important on your sales page… just like Lisa did.

If you want to learn more about how Sales Page that Converts can help you with customer research, read this page right here.

Then She Made 4 More Important Changes To Her Sales Page

Once Lisa discovered the “real reason” behind why people wanted to buy her online course, she proceeded to make 4 more important changes to her sales page.

Change #1: She Increased Her Prices By 67%

How much should you charge for your product or service?

You have a gut feeling about what you should charge, but sometimes you think a “high price tag” might scare potential customers away. So, you devalue your work and lower your price.

But, as Lisa learned in Sales Page that Converts, this is a bad strategy. So, she used the “Same Outcome Approach” to pricing.

And this was a game-changer for Lisa.

She realized that she wasn’t charging enough for her course. So, she increased her price from $297 to $497 (and she increased it again to $597 in 2017).

Change #2: She Offered Payment Plans

When Lisa created her sales page, she only offered one payment option. People either bought it or didn’t buy it. But Sales Page that Converts recommends that people test a payment plan and a full payment plan.

And what happened?

80% of her new customers opted for monthly payments. But more than that, Lisa gained peace of mind:

“My life has definitely changed because of that residual income [from payment plans].”

This means, less time working and more time she can spend with her family.

“The payment plans have been making my life so much less stressed. I don’t feel the urge to always have to GO. I woke today to one of the payment plans. And I felt like ‘even if I do nothing today, I did my work.’”

Now, of course, creating payment plans for your products and services might seem scary… “because how do you know if people will even pay?”

But we cover all of that – and more – inside Sales Page that Converts.

Change #3: She Created A “VIP Package” For Her Course

Lisa also created a VIP package in addition to her standard package. She learned in Sales Page that Converts that adding a high-end version of your product or service increases conversions.


Because it changes your customers’ decision from “should I buy?” to “which option is best for me?”

As you can see from the screenshot above, Lisa added four group coaching calls, bonus videos, and a credit towards a monthly membership that she sells for her VIP package. And she sells it for either a one-time payment of $997 or 12 monthly payments of $97.

Change #4: She Switched Her “Sales Method”
From Evergreen to a Product Launch

Finally, Lisa completely overhauled the way she sold her course online. She switched from an “evergreen” model – where her course is available for purchase all the time – to a launch model – where she opens and closes enrollment for her course on specific dates.

While this is outside the scope of the Sales Page that Converts training, Lisa turned to the Sales Page that Converts copy coaches for some advice.

She had heard that the launch model would increase her conversions but she didn’t trust everything she read on the internet about it.

“I didn’t trust what I read about it out there in the internet world. It just seemed to be all over the place.”

So, she reached out to our copy coaches, and they set her straight.

“I decided to switch over to the product launch. That was after a few emails back and forth with the support team on what the pros and cons were.”

And that’s the kind of support you can expect when you enroll in Sales Page that Converts.

“That was part of the reason I bought Sales Page that Converts, when Derek said I could email his support team. The fact that Derek trained his staff on all these particulars, I felt comfortable talking to them. That was a big part of me getting the course.”

And it’s a good thing she did because it completely transformed her business and life.

$21,861 in Sales in Four Months – From a Small List

Since enrolling in Sales Page that Converts, Lisa’s sales have been soaring.

Here are the exact results:

The best part?

She did it all with a small email list!

Most people mistakenly believe that they need a huge email list to be successful online. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and Lisa is proof of that.

“When I started [Sales Page that Converts], I was at 1,500 subscribers. Now, I’m at 2,200. You don’t need a big email list at all.”

And she’s right.

It’s never about the size of your email list. It’s always about the quality of your email list… and whether or not you hit them with the right offers. And Sales Page that Converts can help you with the sales pages for those offers.

But success was always about more than just the money for Lisa.

It’s about spending more time with her daughter:

“My life now is a little bit less hectic. I don’t have to work the midnight shift every single night … I can pick my daughter up from daycare at 1 o’clock, like I did today, instead of 6 o’clock.”

It’s about having the freedom to plan vacations with her family while having the peace of mind that money will still be coming into her business:

“I have a travel bug, so I actually have three vacations planned. They’ll be working vacations, but one will be in Virginia Beach, one will be in the Outer Banks, and one will be on the beaches of Michigan. I’m looking to do a cruise with my husband and my little daughter, who will be one year old at that point. The vacations, which is a large part of my motivation, has definitely upped its game this year!”

And most of all, it’s about seeing her customers succeed:

“You inspire others by putting your nose to the grindstone … Our success leads to other successes for other people, and that’s a big deal. I love all the work I put into it, and I’m glad that it pays for itself with people investing in my product to help themselves. It’s a beautiful circle.”

Are you ready to transform your business and your life?

You’ll need a sales page.

And I can show you how to make one.

So, keep an eye out for an email that announced Sales Page that Converts next week!



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